Neurology of the Brain

Senso-science emerged from need; the increase in concerning behavior of young children and youth. Educators and parents know little about neurology, the science of the brain. Fortunately, collectively we’re seeking a shift in paradigm regarding behavior; Lighthouse Learning Resources (LLR) relies on science for understanding and guidance.

The last 20 years LLR has studied, researched, drafted, applied, revised many times over the application of evidenced based strategies and sensory tools to develop the most comprehensive support for the child in need, the educators, and parents who strive daily to support the child who is desperately seeking relief from their own behavior. The Anchor Teaching Framework is leading the way to ensure the shift occurs with fidelity.

Learning in humans is emotional. Basing our work on science, we have the chance to reduce the number of children in need of more intensive accommodations, interventions, and separate learning and social environments. Deepening our understanding of the interaction between the Central Nervous System, Eight Sensory Systems, and the Limbic System directs us to shift from managing behavior to teaching and owning behavior regulation strategies for life. Behavior management is no longer applying an approach, but becomes a way of applying self-regulation strategies prior to becoming dysregulated.

The Anchor Teaching Framework requires the following to make the paradigm shift from managing to owning behavior.  


The Individual:

  • Curriculum based instruction; self-discovery of the 8 sensory systems, strengths and challenges

  • Development of a Personal Sensory Profile (PSP); preferences and challenges

  • Systems in action; exploration of the integration of Central Nervous System, 8 Sensory Systems, and Limbic Systems

  • Creating an Individual Self-Awareness Plan (ISAP); plan of action to avoid dysregulation


The Environment:

  • Low lighting, reduced visual stimuli, color

  • Quiet during transitions

  • Safe Escape Place (SEP) – calming area within the classroom and home

  • Movement Station within the classroom and home

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